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Corporate Advisory Service

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Corporate Advisory Service

Our Corporate Advisory services provide advice in connection with a wide range of strategic and financial matters that are typically of great importance to our clients. Our goal is to continue to grow our business by fostering long-term, senior-level relationships with existing and new clients as their independent advisor on strategic transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, restructurings and other financial matters the detail of which is as under:

Forward Contracts
Allows you to lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years
Track A Rate
Allows you to lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years
Market orders
Target an exchange rate not currently available on the market.
  • Analysis of the financial and capital structure of the Issuer Company.
  • Determination of capital structure and the means of finance thereof e.g., by way of issuing new ordinary shares, or issuing right shares, or issuing debentures, etc.
  • Preparation of Feasibility Study Report for a green field project or BMRE of existing project.
  • Recommend the existing sponsors for further participation commensurable to the cost of the project.
  • Recommend the changes related to RJSC e.g., Name Change, Denomination Change, Private to Public Limited Company etc.
  • Determination of the size of public offering and offer for subscription through Pre-IPO private placement arrangement.