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Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management

BLI Capital Limited provides portfolio management services with high standard, excellent customer services, professionalism. Clients receive tailored financial solutions for trading securities. Currently it has more than a thousand portfolios managed through 3 designated brokerage houses.

BLICL’s Product

 BLICL offers tailored schemes to meet appropriate financing needs of our valued customers under distinguished units as mentioned below:

Insta CAP
Your Portfolio Manager will focus on achieving long term returns at a reasonable risk through active management of your portfolio.
As You Go Scheme
This is 100% clients discretionary loan account.
Partnership Scheme
Client will invest 70% and BLICL 30%.
Portfolio Advisory Service
BLICL offers you this bountiful basket of expert services as your Equity Investment Advisor.
As You Go (Cash) Scheme
This is 100% clients discretionary cash account.
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Scope of Work as Issue Portfolio Manager

  • Provide all support for efficient execution of trades.
  • Provide margin loan facility enabling the investors to earn enhanced return.
  • Collection of dividend, and bonus shares on behalf of clients.
  • Subscribe the rights issues in consultation with clients.
  • Completion of dematerialization process.
  • Keeping the securities in safe custody.
  • Facilitate clients invest in the securities carefully selected.